DB & Semantic Web Service ǿ ϰ ֽϴ.

Big Data (AI Learning Data, Semantic IoT, Cloud Computing, Linked Open Data)

- AI (Deep Learning, Semantic Embedding, Neural Network Model, Ontology Learning)

- Knowledge Graph (Knowledge Discovery & Inference, Graph Composition, RDF, JSON-LD)

- øƽ Ž ÷ (IoT, Open API, Mobile Mashup, Hybrid Storage Engine)

- Semantic Web (Ontology Matching, LOD Cloud, Graph Algorithm, Graph Database Theory)

- Database ý , , Relational DBMS, SQL, Database Ἲ//, ֽ Database


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  • Research Fields: Big Data, AI Deep Learning, Knowledge Graph, Semantic IoT, Semantic Web, Ontology Matching
  • E-mail: yongju@knu.ac.kr, Office: IT5ȣ(ITհ) 219ȣ



Big Data Platform

Big RDF Data, Semantic IoT, Cloud Computing, Data Mining

Semantic Web Services
LOD Cloud, Open API, Location-Based Mobile Mashup




Knowledge Graphs
Deep Learning, Neural Network, Semantic Embedding,
Knowledge Discovery



Cloud Computing (Big Data, IoT, AI)

AI Learning, Ontology Learning & Matching, Graph Databases


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School of Computer Science and Engineering
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